“A brilliant LP, great collaboration…amazing record.” 
“Genre – blending…melodies of the kora, reggae rhythms, folk and blues” 
Holy Forest’s Dreamlike Visuals
Around the World in One Song: The Cross Continental Story Behind Holy Forest
“Fresh from his recent success with The Gambia-inspired, collaborative collective Holy Forest, Jon Fine furnishes us with some absolute classics for this week’s edition of Under The Influence. The segment takes an established artist, producer or DJ from a different genre and allows them to take our reins and select three Jazz tracks that have influenced their work.”
“What happens when Gambia meets Memphis TN. Pay attention to the combination of the kora — the west African harp you hear throughout — and the soulful voice you would have heard in a 1960s recording from the legendary recording studio, Stax.” 
“This 11-track project is a breath of fresh air…a contender for top album of 2015.”
A mix of Memphis, Afro funk and Western African folk as Jobarteh’s kora chimes along with a sax and horn team on Africa Calling and the swampy Lion’s Door.  Folksy guitars and drums on Nyokonole and Spartha Swa’s duet with guitarist Jon Fine creates a restive Entao Me Leve. Some reggae and bluesy calypso sizzle on Walking Dead and Woodstock Dub respectively and most fun of all is Fine’s surfer guitar on the jazzy Bahia.  A definite continental drift.”
“Wild, restless and boundary pushing.   Diaspora music for the digital age… seamless mash ups that open the ears for anyone looking to really have their ears opened. Wild, restless and boundary pushing, this smoking date comes at you from so many directions at once that before long you’ll be delightfully dizzy not knowing or caring which end is up. Check it out.”
“Pairs the virtuosic sounds of Tata Din Din (aka the Jimi Hendrix of the kora) with the robust sounds of singer Ed Holley… inspired by a trip to Makasutu Forest.”
“Like Lee Fields with a Kora, but it’s Holy Forest, a project by Jon Fine whose trip to Gambia brought us this very beautiful album!”
Mike Ragogna’s Huff Po “Chats With” Holy Forest’s Nyokonole Exclusive
“As for music…go right now and download Africa Calling by Holy Forest” 
“Tropical folk.”
“Beautiful sounds…”  
“A multi-dimensional project envisioned by musician, producer and documentary filmmaker Jon Fine. A fabulous mix of kora, afrobeat, reggae beats, classic soul vocals and blues. Global sounds.”
“Super good…very groovy”  
“A beautiful collaboration” 
“The Antibalas horn section are the perfect inclusion, whilst the vocals are pure heartfelt Soul from Harlem based singer, Ed ‘Preachermann’ Holley.  It’s cross cultural fusion which works so perfectly… simply stunning.”
“Holy Forest offers an impressive collaboration connecting different nodes in the Black Atlantic.”
“Taking lazy Sunday to a whole new level.  Soulful, warm and longing and a video that’s bright and colorful. Tata Din Din Jobarteh plays the kora like no other. 21st century cross-continental roots music that should brighten up your day!”
 “A journey to the sacred forest…”
Holy Forest “Best of 2015” Lists
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